2020 Sustainability Leaders Congress - Agenda Request
Hi! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have decided to transform the 2020 Sustainability Leaders Congress into a full digital conference. Please fill in the below and we'll send the latest agenda to your mailbox, thank you!

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    Urgent action is required

    We have until 2030 to limit a climate change disaster.

    This decade will be about moving the needle. Resource efficiency, critical raw materials and sustainable supply chain are all directly linked to climate change. See short summary video on the right.


    Who attends?

    the Sustainability Leaders Congress series


    of attendees

    need to combat either SDG13, SDG5 & 10 or SDG 12 (or all 3)

    of all delegates

    are Vice-Presidents, Heads and Directors of Sustainability and CSR

    of audience

    coming from Western-Europe

    2020: Focusing on Four Topics

    as the greatest challenges we face in the 21st Century

    SDG 13

    Climate Action

    “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

    Robert Swan

    SDG 5 & 10

    Reduced InEqualities

    Responsible consumption and production

    SDG 12

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    Communication is key

    Proposed Program

    for 2020 edition on April 7-8 back in Berlin

    Day 1 Morning – Climate Action

    The pathway to Paris – roadmap to a CO2-neutral industry

    Increasingly, reports are delivering gruesome projections: we have until 2030 to limit a climate change disaster. This decade will be about…

    The Point of No Return

    Climate change is no more a far-off threat. It’s turning into everyday life for millions. Almost all societies across the globe now see the reality that we need to …

    Mission Zero

    Organizations looking to move from regenerative to restorative will see costs reduced, increased reputation as an innovation driver, employees empowered and …

    Day 1 Afternoon – Gender Equality & Inequalities

    Making gender equality a reality

    According to recent studies, 39% of total employment consists of women, but only 27% of managerial positions. An even more shocking statistic is that …

    The inequality challenge

    Millions of people are moving out of poverty every year. Nevertheless, the wealth gap is the widest it’s been since 1928. Nearly half of the world’s — more than 3 billion people — live on less …

    Human Rights

    Greater transparency and accurate human rights data are essential to check assumptions on where strengths or areas for improvement lie…

    Day 2 Morning – Responsible Production and Consumption

    Responsible Production – Designing Circular Products

    We have only one planet with limited resources. Making sustainable, circular products the norm is arguably the biggest challenge of the 21st century…

    Responsible Consumption – Educating Consumers

    Sustainability is a journey. And we must take it together. Unsustainable consumption will lead the 8.5 billion people in the next decade to put an …

    Reducing Waste – Focusing on Plastic

    What is clear is that damage caused by single-use plastic is receiving an unprecedented public attention and putting…


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      Our Speakers

      subject-matter experts on the outlined program topics

      Andrew Sharman
      CEO at RMS Switzerland, Chairman
      Julia Friederike Harnal
      Vice President Global Sustainability & Governmental Affairs at BASF
      Sofie Nyström
      Strategy Director – Inclusion & Diversity at H&M group
      Daniela Rathe
      Head of Politics, External Relations and Sustainability Porsche AG
      Laura McMullen
      Global Head of Sustainability at Compass Group
      Alan Knight
      Corporate Responsibility - General Manager, ArcelorMittal
      Sonia Thimmiah
      Head of Sustainability at RB
      Virginie Gatin
      Global Sustainability at The HEINEKEN Company
      Daniela Bohlinger
      Head of Sustainability Design at BMW Group
      Aline Casagrande
      Packaging Sustainability Global Director at AB InBev
      Luigi Maffucci
      Global A Sustainability & Environmental Performance Head at Henkel
      Klaus Kunz
      Head of Sustainability and Business Stewardship at Bayer
      Luc Beerens
      Global Sustainability Director at Mars
      Andreas Follér
      Head of Sustainability at Scania Group
      Anna Brodowsky
      Vice President Public Affairs - Global Brands, Innovation, Sustainability at Essity
      Sabine Content
      Director Corporate & Stakeholder Engagement at Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
      Kate Geraghty
      Director Of Sustainability & Advocacy EMEA with Dow Packaging & Speciality Plastics
      Manoelle Lepoutre
      Senior Vice President Civil and Society Engagement at Total
      Christine Brunel-Ligneau
      Head of Sustainable Agriculture at Bayer
      Bernd Kasemir
      Managing Partner at Sustainserv
      Takashi Sato
      Managing Director - Unipos

      Interactive Event Style

      Together we can heal the planet but we have to find new ways of doing things together.

      New to 2020: campfire discussions (4 in total for each focus topic). Delegates will use the 6 talking points collected throughout the 3 keynote sessions and have a discussion with 4-5 peers to reach a conclusion which then will be shared with the rest of the audience. Further increasing connectiveness among delegates are the double speednetworking sessions (audience favourite!) and lounge seats infused, fully vegan lunch.

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      Our Delegates Said

      about previous SLC events

      Day 2 of the Sustainability Leaders Congress, great opening session by Professor Chris Laszlo on the changing leadership landscape and the role of leadership and employee connectedness in sustainability. Chris acknowledged the shift in the last 5 years in the sustainability agenda to include internal impact and the importance of workforce sustainability, this directly links to IOSH’s work as a founding member of the Center for Safety & Health Sustainability (CSHS) - Putting People Back into Sustainability www.centershs.org

      Bev Messinger

      Chief Executive at IOSH


      What is sustainability leadership? After speaking and listening at this week’s 2019 Sustainability Leaders Congress in Berlin, there are signs of change and glimmers of hope. It is becoming easier to sort out the pioneers from the pretenders. None are perfect, but they are publicly committing to scaling sustainable innovation. The #racetothetop is gathering speed.

      Wayne Visser

      Professor of Integrated Value and Chair in Sustainable Transformation at Antwerp Management School

      Thanks for having me at the 2019 Sustainable Leaders Congress, Andrew and Aron. It’s always inspiring to see that change is happening but we need to act fast. And as we realized today, we need to invite more C-level colleagues to join the discussion. #SLC #berlin #change #interface #siemens #basf #sustainability #integration #esg #allianz

      Dr. Saskia Juretzek

      Senior Manager Sustainability - Lead SDG impact, Non-financial reporting & assurance

      Gallery from past years

      making sustainable business the norm

      Action is required. Not tomorrow, but now. Register today

      million kilograms of garbage is dumped into the ocean every day


      in 8 deaths in the world is associated with air pollution.


      thousand m2 of forest is cut down every second


      people hold as much wealth as the poorest 3.7 billon people in the world

      Disruptive new sustainability technologies

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        2020 Sponsors & Partners

        Climate Neutral Event

        The Sustainability Leaders Conference is going climate neutral

        In a world where more and more businesses are committing to reducing their impact and building a more sustainable future, the next crucial step is going from talk to action. The IFS group continues to lead by example in this area, with its Sustainability Leaders Conference. In addition to compensating for the event’s carbon footprint, the IFS group is advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through offsetting the Sustainability Leaders Conferences impact by investing in projects like the Kariba forest protection project in Zimbabwe, the IFS group is saving forests, protecting wildlife and helping to create skilled job opportunities within the local community. It is also supporting the Yangcun, Run-of- River Hydropower project, which generates affordable clean energy in rural China and creates permanent job opportunities that advance the local economy.

        Get involved

        100% Sustainable Venue

        Almodóvar Berlin

        Raising animals for food is responsible for 30% of the world’s water consumption, occupies up to 45% of the Earth’s land and is responsible for up to 91% of Brazilian Amazon descrution to name but a few causes. Our 2020 venue selection therefore serves only vegetarian dishes, avoids fridges in rooms, uses energy-saving technology combined with heat pumps and installs only sustainably cultivated wood for furniture and floors. Almodovar goes a step further, read more here https://almodovarhotel.de/en/das-hotel/

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        The World is Changing Fast – and the expectations for business with it

        We have only one planet with limited resources. Our organizations need to act as catalysts for change. We need to resolve to changing lives every day, all year long and move fast to create a circular system. This decade will be about moving the needle. Become future-ready at the 2020 Sustainability Leaders Congress for sustainable growth tomorrow.

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